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Friday, 19 November 2010

Not too soon, is it...

...to mention Christmas?  Sewing some decorations keeps me occupied while half watching reality TV eg. I'm a Celebrity, The Apprentice etc. The little Westie is simple to make, just handsewing, mainly wool and felt so I'm including basic instructions for anyone who wants to have a go.

Cut the westie shape out of paper - about 4ins/10cms high
Pin onto white felt and cut out 2 shapes
Cut a length of  red cord 8ins/20cms
Fold cord in half and sew to edge of back on one piece
Sew a round eye with some black wool
Cut a little heart out of red felt and sew in place with a cross stitch of black wool
Place the two westie shapes together and using white wool, sew around the edge with a running stitch, leaving a small gap for the filling
Fill with a little polyester filling and sew up the remainder.
Tie some narrow ribbon around the neck and stitch a liitle siver bell in place.

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  1. Very good - do also put your name on my followers list - I have two blogs on here - http://barsweightlossdiary.blogspot.com/
    the back pain one is the same as the one i had on blog.co.uk - I just copy and pasted it. Hope you have a nice weekend. :)