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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hanging Baskets

There is still time to make a hanging basket. Indeed, in this part of Britain, you wouldn't be wise to put a basket out before June. Line a wire basket with sphagnum moss. I put an opened out cellophane bag (say a freezer bag) over the moss. Make some holes in the bag. Almost fill the basket with compost. Now comes the fun bit...add your own choice of plants. I usually choose plants such as geranium, bacopa, surfinia and verbena. We'll have another look at it when there is some colour to show you.


  1. I like looking at everyone's hanging baskets. I love them, but don't tend to do any, as all the more to water! x

  2. My dad used to do wonderful hanging baskets and took great care of them. I, on the other hand, would forget to water them half the time so I don't usually do them though I do have a nice bracket outside the front door:) I hang a lantern on it instead:)