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Friday, 27 May 2011

Project...stage 4

Well. it's up and running at last...and stuffed so full there's only just room to stand in one spot. Some glass came with the greenhouse, but most Les was able to cut from pieces he's been given or we'd already got. A lot of it was all green and covered with gunge...such a fun job cleaning that off!

I've rigged up a makeshift bench on a couple of old trestles so I could start potting up but eventually, we'll have some proper staging. This weekend I'm moving most of the pots outside so there'll be loads more room for the tomato plants.

One problem with having stuff on the floor is from that little Milly (see previous post)...she had a great time digging in the trays of salad leaves. I guess some will survive the onslaught!

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant!

    Everything seems to be sprouting away in my greenhouse too, I'm hoping to get lots more done, if the weather behaves. The wind has picked up again in the past two days and it's forecast to be really windy over the weekend, so not a good time for planting.

    Makes me doubly glad I've got a greenhouse to work in!