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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

In the spirit of Chelsea

I always enjoy watching the coverage of Chelsea and the gorgeous plants on display there, so I thought I'd record some of the flowers that have just come into bloom.  All the sunny weather has made such a difference...only a couple of weeks ago the garden was mainly just green but all of a sudden there's colour.   These alliums are a favourite of mine.

And this clematis has just opened in the last couple of days.

Has anyone else noticed that the flowers of the Welsh poppies appear larger than normal this year?  Wonder why that is.  They can be a nuisance seeding everywhere but I still like them.

Another favourite is this rock rose.  I think it's probably helianthemum 'Fire Dragon'.

This bright pink rock rose against the path opens in bright sunshine.  Beautiful May!



  1. oh your alliums are gorgeous, I MUST plant some this year!

  2. A lovely colourful selection of flowers. Flighty xx

  3. there's a lot of beautiful gardening posts in blog land today, yours is no exception! I've just planted up my hanging baskets at the front :)

  4. Gorgeous flower photos! I am happy if plants I like self seed. Your poppies are so cheery and colourful....mine are not yet in flower....but soon will be!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xx