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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Growth spurt

We've been enjoying the salad leaves for a few weeks now...they're so reliable to grow and I love being able to pick fresh leaves.  It might even be salad weather this weekend!

But everything's going wild in the garden, including weeds.  The French beans and runner beans are planted out now.

 And the sweet peas and sugar snap are through as well.

Gosh...these photos in our little veg patch aren't very exciting are they?  All so green, but less green than they were before I grubbed up the chickweed.  Didn't show you that, did I?


  1. Looking good. Slugs and/or snails have eaten my lettuces and I've yet to sow my French and runner bean seeds. Flighty xx

  2. Envious! For some reason, where we live currently is a mecca for snails. And they eat everything! Having luck with lavender, rosemary, and roses, but that's about it. The wild bindweed seems to be doing well though ;-) They DO have pretty flowers.