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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Knitting as Therapy

Well, it's cheaper than gin and better for you than valium. Isn't it strange and charming how knitting has changed from being corny and old-fashioned to cool?  Doing it is strongly relaxing and soothing - and you even get nice things to wear or give away at the end. Does anyone else think hand-knitted jumpers on men in all those 1940/50s telly programmes just look so darned manly!!  It's doing no harm to the UK wool industry either this revival in knitting, apparently, so win-win all round.


  1. My mum used to knit a lot until her arthritis got too bad. I always loved the jumpers that she did for me. Flighty xx

  2. I have spent the day crocheting. I just taught myself to do this and am making my first granny square afghan. It is fun and I love yarn. All those yummy colors and textures out there. I think anything handmade is just beautiful.

    Happy knitting!

    Hugs from Holland ~