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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lemon marmalade

Loads in the news about marmalade this week - that is, the way sales of marmalade have declined in recent years.  But the good news is that people are apparently now making it for themselves.

This timely recipe (never let it be said that I don't have a finger on the pulse!) is a bit of trial and error, following a number of recipes I've seen and after very useful advice from my sister, who'd already made some.  The quantities are roughly those I used, so not an exact science.  The basic idea is to cook the lemons the night before you make the marmalade, so the peel is much easier to slice.

2 lbs lemons (washed)
3 and a half pounds of granulated sugar
Peel from 2 clementines (optional)

Place the lemons in a large pan, cover with water and simmer gently for about one and a half hours.  Leave overnight.  Next day, remove the lemons, keeping the liquid in the pan.  Cut the lemons in half and squeeze out the pulp and pith, discarding the pips.  Slice the lemon peel (and clementine peel) finely.  Return the pulp, pith and peel to the pan and add about one and a half pints of water.  Heat gently and add the sugar.  Stir until all the sugar has dissolved. 
Bring to the boil and while stirring, keep at a rolling boil for about 15 minutes.  Test for a set by putting a drop of the marmalade on a chilled plate and push gently to see if a slight skin will show. 
Sterilise clean jam jars in a hot oven.  Pour in the marmalade and seal.

Delicious on toast!


  1. Ooh Lovely!!I make my own and will give this a go, thank you..Lovely to have found your blog..
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  2. I rarely buy marmalade nowadays as I prefer raspberry jam on my toast! Flighty xx

  3. Can I come to your house??? Not only does the thought of lemon marmalade sound great...that bread looks absolutely wonderful!

    Hugs from Holland ~