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Thursday, 7 April 2011

More make do and mend

Does spring make you want to spruce things up a bit?  Must be all that light streaming through the windows (well, it would to if I cleaned them!) making everything look a bit tired.  I've been on the search for fabric, and decided now is the time to get creative and actually sew some things.

First cushion I made from a bargain find...a child's Ikea duvet cover...using the decorative border and adding a couple of hearts of my own.

Then some flowery ones using a couple of remnants that seemed to complement each other.

And another felted cardigan bag...the best part of this is choosing a fabric for the lining and some matching buttons.  Think I'm on a roll now!


  1. I adore the bag, it's better than Accessorize!

  2. Okay..nowI really do have to learn how to sew! I want that middle cushion!!

  3. I love the bag - so unique and so much better made than shop bought ones!

  4. Now this one I have to show my daughter as she is just getting into making her own things - its brilliant, well done girls :)