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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Vintage and cheap

Anyone who looks at this blog will be well aware that Margaret and I love a bargain. The cushion cover was a pound from a charity shop and the wool for the tea-cosy was also cheap - in fact I think there is probably enough wool for a couple.


  1. Do you know, I've been looking for a tea cosy pattern for ages and I just cannot find one in this town. It's ridiculous.

    Have you any idea whether there are any Internet sites that may have one?

  2. tea cosy's are so cute! i might get my mum to knit me one x

  3. Love the tea cosy pattern - they are all back in fashion again :)

  4. Who doesn't love a bargain! The "craft" section at my local thrift shop is a "must stop" on every single one of my visits there...you can find some really great things from time to time!