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Sunday, 17 April 2011


Our unique little town - not particulary touristy, only picturesque when you take the time to look, has succumbed to the supermarket plague. Not satisfied with taking the 30 pieces of silver, the council have decided to further despoil, by removing the attractive roundabout - and plan to replace it with traffic lights. Little, by little old England's charm is falling at the feet of Mammon.

But a lot of people do not like the idea, and good on them, took to the streets and protested. A piper stood in the middle of the roundabout and played a lament. People joined hands. It was a dignified protest and felt powerful. "But will it make any difference?" asked a few passing shoppers. We will wait and see


  1. Well done to all the protesters. People can't moan about something if they haven't bothered to voice their opinion. Let's hope those that make the decisions were listening. At the moment we have 2 Tesco supermarkets and a Tesco Express being built within a few miles of us and I won't be using them!

  2. Yeah! It's time to protest! After all those who "run your life" better think about in these days: though times coming to some "smart" leaders! Tesco seems to be a monopoly!??
    No, not here in America! Best wishes: Julia/bb :)

  3. Sad when that happens, and definitely not my idea of progress! Flighty xx

  4. Hope it works, it looks so nice. Why would anyone want to replace this with traffic lights, dont the council have better ways of spending their money.