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Friday, 25 March 2011

Now for a touch of style...

...not that you need any tips from me.  But I would like to show you a few possible ideas for spring.

 A useful source could be this magazine I bought for a few pence from a charity shop.

First of all of course there's all the equipment needed.

Just follow the instructions and a few hours later you too could be the proud wearer of one of these fab outfits...very 1970s!

The magazine is dated 1973.  Despite that there's loads of useful advice...if I ever decide to take up crochet again, I'll be reading this first.

A few more fun purchases - a couple of remnants of fabric, one Sanderson from 1981, not sure about the other, and loads of buttons.  Noreen gave me some of these...can't wait to use them.


  1. haha i want to see you in the dress when you make it! x

  2. Oh - I loved that magazine!! (oh no - is that showing my age!!)

  3. It's great seeing all the past fashion styles. I wish I could get to look at some old clothes catalogues from different eras. x