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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The joys of March

In like a lamb this last couple of days...can you believe, blue skies!  Some of our pots are starting to look a bit more cheerful, with pansies coming into flower.

It's heartening to see the crocus opening up - I like these purple ones most I think.

But even more I love the old piece of stone that Noreen's husband Brian made into an interesting garden feature for us.  It's only been in place since late last year and is beginning to settle and look like it's always been there, which is the effect I want.  If we keep on like this, we'll end up with a mini Stonehenge.
Just had to make sure it's buried fairly deep as I can imagine the more adventurous little ones trying to crawl through the hole...great game! 

Happy gardening!


  1. Oh I love crocuses. Aren't they just so pretty ~ We are still under snow and it will be awhile before mine wake up from their winter slumber ~ can't wait! ;-)

  2. The crocuses are such a beautiful colour,unfortunately we haven't had enough sunshine here over the last few days to make them open up. I love the stone, what a great garden feature.

  3. Lovely colourful photos, and your stone feature sounds interesting! Flighty xx

  4. Oh yes...March is really a beautiful month. Things are coming to life everywhere. The birds are singing to let us know what is coming. Life is good!

    Hugs from Holland,

  5. I have loads of crocuses out in my garden - makes it look like spring eeven if it doesn't feel much like it at the moment!

  6. Hasn't it been lovely the last couple of days - we've got quite a bit of gardening done. Your purple crocus looks wonderful against the grey stone:)

  7. I have noticed so many crocuses this year. Is there a reason or is it just that more people are planting the bulbs?

  8. Yes, it's been lovely and sunny here today too. At last! I love the crocus. I had very few this year as the fox knocked my bowls over and I never got around to replanting them. That's a lovely piece of stone. I have a lot in my garden too. x

  9. I have spent all day outside in the sun!Cutting back, clearing and sweeping...I am not planting anything just yet as it is due to be minus two tonight!
    Happy March to you all!
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  10. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. For some reason we don't have crocus in the garden - I must try to remember to plant some bulbs in the autumn!

  11. Hello... thank you for your lovely comment.
    Isn't it uplifting to see the flowers of Spring arrive .. just a splash of colour in the garden makes all the difference.
    Michele x