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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Simple recycling

Can you tell what they are yet?  Yes, I know they're bags...but in a previous life?

Yes, that's right, cardies...to be more precise, my poor old shrunken cardies.  In the spririt of make-do and mend, I decided there must be something I could make with them, so I shrank them some more so they were well felted, and cut them up.

The green one still had the original buttons, but I'd already recycled the buttons from the black one, so I raided my button tin for some replacements.  Strips from the sleeves make the handles and I found remnants of cheery fabric for the lining, applique and rosette.

Now, I still have a brown one, oh and a blue, so guess what I'm doing with them!


  1. Fantastic!!I love them...
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  2. Ooh how lovely and how cheery. Hadn't thought of that what a good idea.



  3. Very witty :)
    Utilisation, new one came to life again the cardigan cheerful and funny !!
    I use trousers sack to sewing !!

  4. That is so clever, they make great bags! Love the multi-coloured fabric you've used for the lining and applique! :-) xx

  5. How clever you are and how wonderful those bags are ~ LOVE them~! ;-)

  6. Very witty creations, wonderful idea to shrink those cardigans! I just look sadly when I make a cardigan useless with accidental shrinking! :)))) Congratulation!

  7. How sweet! They look really pretty.

  8. I love them! What a fantastic idea!

  9. These look good - now I know what to do with my husband's jumper that I accidently shrunk!

  10. Such a great idea! They look brilliant,

    Sarah x

  11. What a gorgeous bags!! Such a clever idea!

  12. Gorgeous bags! What a brilliant idea :o)