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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pretty things

Out in the garden there are more developments...tete-a-tete daffodils flowering and some lovely purple hellebores.

But inside a few more pretty things, recent finds...a tapestry picture...and an intriguing black box that opens to reveal...

 a little ballet dancer!

She dances to the theme tune from Dr Zhivago, which just happens to be one of my favourite films.
Very kitsch, don't you think?


  1. Many years ago,when I was about 9 years old,my friend had a musical jewellery box which also had a dancing ballerina .
    I so wanted one too as I loved ballet!
    The Hellebores are beautiful!
    ;-) x

  2. What a lovely little jewel box ~ and the flowers in your garden are just what I needed to see ~ Have a great day ;-)

  3. I love the jewellery box - I always wanted one of them when I was little!

  4. Hello! What a find! It looks like it is quality kitsch! The hellebores are lovely at the moment and I particularly like the dark coloured varieties.

  5. Oh I gasped just then when I saw the jewellery box....I had the very same one and it was taken when we were burgled (the first time)over 25 years ago......such a blast from the past!
    The hellebores are just gorgeous, such a lovely colour.

  6. That's amazing...hope it's not the same one that has eventually found it's way to us! M

  7. I had a jewellery box just like that too - many moons ago! Thanks for your comment on my blog. The market I do in Ludlow (Flea and collectables) is the first and third SUNDAY of each month - there are different markets on in Ludlow almost every day. Abby x

  8. Gosh I didn't mean that it was! but even so...if it is then it has found a lovely home.