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Monday, 28 March 2011

A project...stage 2

We had a busy weekend for this part of the project...demolishing the old greenhouse that Les made a long time ago.  I was very fond of it, but it had gone completely rotten.  It won't be wasted though as the timber will be cut up and burnt on our fire.

Once that was removed there were just the brick walls to knock down...needed doing, because guess what, the new greenhouse is a very similar size, but not exactly the same.   Wouldn't you just know!

This is my job.  I so like using a lump hammer...I do have to be a bit careful though...we're saving the bricks as they're lovely Victorian ones, same as our house.

Still had time to admire developments in the garden.  The chaenomeles has just come into flower and is looking especially pretty.


  1. You are definitely a girl after my own heart. Swing that hammer ;-) Hope you have fun with this project

  2. Hard work but satisfying, I expect. I'm really looking forward to seeing the end result!

    I love looking round the garden at this time of year. You can almost see the plants growing!

  3. There's more and more in bloom round here too! Love your chaenomeles - keep meaning to find a spot in my tiny garden for one of those. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of your project...

  4. Looks like hard work! I love those mellow bricks and the chaenomeles plant growing against them looks wonderful:)

  5. I'm just a tiny bit jealous here! looking forward to seeing the new greenhouse.

  6. I've always wanted a chaenomeles for our garden. It really is beautiful. I can sympathise with your attachment to your old greenhouse. I love my old shed, but it really needs to go as it is taking up precious space in the garden. I like old bricks, and have a few left by the previous owner. x

  7. ohhhh. I love those little brick walls after the greenhouse is gone -- I'm sorry you have to demolish them. And is your chaenomeles, our American Quince? those blossoms look so familiar.