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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Definite signs of spring

Snowdrops are such pretty little things.  The petals were still closed when I picked them, but after about half an hour of being in the house, they'd opened up...and the kitchen window seems as good a place as any to enjoy them
It's been a good day for messing about in the garden, doing a bit of clearing up.  I felt like Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden (only much older!), uncovering clumps of snowdrops from under mounds of leaf litter -  and having time to notice other plants attempting to flower.  
Yesterday we had a problem with the drains (not just yesterday actually, come to think of it, as it's been going on a while, but not something to dwell on, as you can imagine!)) so I needed to replant part of the border that had been disturbed.  At least it will soon recover.

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  1. I shall pick a handful of snowdrops in the morning, I have plenty but somehow never think of cutting them and putting them in a vase!