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Saturday, 12 February 2011

A local delicacy

We have few culinary claims to fame around here.  Last year the Hairy Bikers visited the area and asked  people to name a local speciality, and this was what everyone nominated - the Staffordshire oatcake!

The ones we had for lunch came from a local oatcake shop.  They'll do all kinds of filling... we make our own with cheddar cheese and tomato.  They're not just savoury though...I can recommend them just buttered, and spread with honey.


  1. They look, and sound rather delicious! I'd have them with butter and raspberry jam, and a cup of tea of course! Flighty xx

  2. Lovely, I remember seeing that programme. We have ours with cheese, tomato and mushroom filling - have never tried them with a sweet filling:)

  3. I love oatcakes, they are a Cheshire and Derbyshire delicacy too. I love them just buttered or with Golden Syrup on. Great with bacon too -- in fact just simply great:)

  4. I don;t think ive ever had oat cakes before!!
    May i just say the butterfly buns in your side bar look delish! x