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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


It's taken several years to establish clumps of snowdrops in the garden...worth the wait though.  Most have been donated by generous gardening friends and relatives...the no-cost way of making a garden and one I'm very keen on!
These double snowdrops have a bit more impact than the single ones.  I've not a clue what the variety is - just enjoy their fragile beauty anyway.


  1. It's lovely when they start to increase isn't it? Mine have been in many years and seed themselves as well as expanding slowly in the clumps.

  2. It's great to see snowdrops at this time of year - we've only got a small cluster but noticed another group in the front garden which we didn't plant so not sure how they got there!

  3. A wonderful sight! Flighty xx

  4. hi
    how wonderful you have the first sign of spring
    in garden....snowdrops....i love it very,
    enjoy your snowdrops,
    have a nice day,

  5. How lovely to have snowdrops in your garden! We've tried so many times to grow them but they just don't like our wet, clay soil.

  6. We've got several clumps in our garden - I love them! I couldn't resist picking a couple this morning, along with a sprig of winter honeysuckle - so pretty :)