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Sunday, 6 February 2011


As I write this there is a TV programme on about a brave guy who is trying to kick - even if in a small way- against the power of the big supermarkets, by opening a people's supermarket - good on him. Any of you who check this (or our previous) blog will know that we try to shop from local shops and local markets whenever possible...I mean its about a hundred times nicer an experience anyway. isn't it?


  1. Hello! i a seriously loving your blog, i'm helping a friend of mine with his allotment this year as it's too much for him and i have NO CLUE what i'm doing or what to do with (any) produce i grow,! I manage an ice cream parlour in suffolk, we make the ice cream with milk from a local dairy, so interested that Noreen lives on a dairy farm! I' afraid i'm gonna have to stalk you :)

  2. Thank you for your blog comment. We always TRY to shop locally too! Lizzie

  3. I meant to watch that programme! We've been down to our local town this morning and the indoor market was busy as was the independent greengrocer - it was good to see:)