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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Don't know if you've seen a current copy of BBC Homes and Antiques magazine, but there's an interesting article on Ladybird books.  As they've always been a particular favourite, it started me wondering just what titles we have. Quite a few as it turns out.

The 'What to look for' series is a special favourite because of the Tunnicliffe illustrations.

Then a few on more on nature and the countryside...I'm sure I had these when I was small

And then all the stories that are so familiar.  Some of these were bedtime favourites...I must have read The Little Red Hen and Chicken Licken every night for at least a year.  Funny how they lose their appeal!

Most of our copies aren't in exactly pristine condition, as you can see...plenty of tears and wax crayon in evidence...but then apart from a few rarities (needless to say we don't own any of those) it's still possible to buy copies for just a couple of quid.  Very good value.


  1. I remember these from my own children's childhood, we had a lot at one time but not any more unfortunately. I really like the look of those What To Look For books, might see if I can find a set for my grandchildren and possibly also myself:)

  2. They're very endearing and enduring aren't they? I learnt to read by my dad reading 'The Farm' to me every day. I read them to my offspring and now I read them to the grandchildren. They love 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' Mx

  3. Delightful books, of which I had plenty all alas long gone! Flighty xx

  4. oh gosh, I remember the what to look for in winter. must hunt them out of the attic, I'm sure that's where they will be.....